ha long lanterns

The Terracotta Army, XI`an, China


Uzbekistan by Ben Smethers

Fenghuang; Hunan, China (Asia) 凤凰, 湖南, 中国 Photo by: Yves Andre

Oakland Bay Bridge from Pier 7 San Francisco - California

Lao Cai, Vietnam

Zhangye Danxia, Gansu, China

Phoenix Ancient Town (Fenghuang), China #travel #world #inspiration #wanderlust #globe #earth #travelling #adventure #lustforlife #china


Cherry Blossom Lanterns, Malaysia

Great Ocean Road — Victoria, Australia | The Great Ocean Road was built by returned soldiers between 1919 and 1932 and is dedicated to those killed during World War I, making the road the world’s largest war memorial. The road passes by many famous natural landmarks, including the famous limestone formations known as the “Twelve Apostles.”

Hong Kong

The Ocean

ha long bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

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Long Qing Xia Canyon, China

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

YingXi Corridor of Stone Peaks, China

Golden Bay, NZ