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Sobre un papel film se pinta con esmalte, una vez seco se levanta y con una perforadora con forma se corta. Se aplica en la uña y se coloca esmalte transparente como última capa.

from Chata de Galocha! | Lu Ferreira

17 makes lindas pra te inspirar nesse fim de semana need tape,scissors,tweezer,polish and top coat 2.Paint the color that you want your strips to be on Scotch tape. Let it dry completely at least 30 minutes. 3.In the meanwhile, paint your base nail color. 4.When the polish on the tape is completely dry, cut it out in small strips, as shown in step 5 6.Using a tweezer, carefully place the strip on your nails. Make sure you do it gently so that your nails won't smudge 7.Cut off the extra tape 8.You may stop here and add top coat.