wait until you see the inside - it will blow you away.

tiny house, tiny house - easy living in this 12x12 cubed tiny house

shabby chic girl...my next home!

my dream beach house terrace. Méchant Design: welcome summer

For Na: an incognito tiny house

Un petit coin de terrasse // http://www.deco.fr/emission-deco/teva-deco/actualite-deco/actualite-593240-retrouvez-points-forts-decor-marianne-guedin.html

Old gypsy wagon hotel room - Les Roulottes de la Serve, Provence, France

Une douche en bois qui est à la fois accessible à l'intérieur qu'à l'extérieur.

aros: Une maison de verre et de bois à Sao Paulo

Holy Crap I love this!!!! bathroom - Here, no walk-in shower, but a large pan halfway between recipient and bath. This is a zinc trough that was encased in a wooden casing of stainless steel clad sheet, as the walls. The oculus was, in turn, transformed into a window. Basket and bath products (Le Grand Comptoir). Might work for outdoor shower.

moroccan feast on a boat

j'en rêve!!


Sometimes I think about downsizing...


Peek Inside a Gorgeous, Family-Friendly Airstream Trailer

Build your own Bohemian Vardo - tutorial at Instructables for DIY wagon built on a small trailer frame. From instructables


red caravan!!

Estoy pensando seriamente sobre una caravana vintage para mi jardín...

Une grosse coccinelle??