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  • Rena Prizant

    Halloween Idea (=

  • Concord Cottage

    Halloween Pumpkins Round Up featuring so many great pumpkin ideas

  • Tony Ray

    Happy Halloween!!!!

  • Shannon Planer

    DIY Pumpkin with Lots of Nails. Winner of extreme pumpkin award in 2008 at Extreme Pumkins here. Not much to explain - pound in lots and lots of nails into a carved pumpkin.

  • Maddie Bramer

    Nail-Studded Jack o' Lanterns - Tom Nardone runs a site called Extreme Pumpkins which turns this once-gentle October pastime into a dark, shocking holiday. This is pumpkin carving...

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Jack Skellington, A.K.A, Jack the Pumpkin King from Disney and Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas

DIY star quily decoupage pumpkin via Babble Blogs (no tutorial, just inspiration)

Happy Jack. Wood candle stick and foam pumpkin

Never really thought about unusual colors for pumpkins ... conjures up all kinds of possible decorating ideas ... hmmmm

"Sure son, we’re going trick or treating, you'll get lot's of candy, I’ll meet single mom's, maybe even find you a bro or a sis. We'll go home later and (if's there is a later, hahaha(whispers the Great Pumpkin) the father looks around, thought he heard something) Let's go son, we'll take a shortcut to get back home", "but pa, I thought we were going to get more candy?" "Oh we will, we'll stop at some homes on the way there" "okay pa"..."In this mornings news, the disappearance of...."

I tried the spiderweb pumpkin last year and added silver glitter, it turned out really cute!

a Mike Wazowski pumpkin!! this will be my pumpkin in october!!

#halloween #pumpkin Great idea! I will tackle this one next year!

LoneSomeVille Halloween 2007_ (8) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!