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Translating Latin: Thanks to's (almost) amazing!’s Word of the Day - laicism - the nonclerical, or secular, control of political and social insti...

Latin phrases everyone should know. Also that I don't want to forget!!!!! Something I heard recently is that YOLO is the new young generation's CARPE DIEM. I'm not a fan of YOLO guess that makes me old. I'm proud of my CARPE DIEM!! I would much rather be well read and educated then pop culture savvy. Although I must admit to loving pop culture as well, hehe :)

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Free Latin Resources to Get You Started

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Free Homeschool Latin Practice Page - and a giveaway

This practice page will help you tutor your Latin students with more confidence. Learn Latin, practice Latin, use Latin - the more you review, the better you'll know it.’s Word of the Day - sycophant - a self-seeking, servile flatterer

Latin phrases and their English translation. 25" X 19" Poster...Mrs. Miklosovic had a poster like this in her Latin classroom!!!