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"hundreds thief:" one "thief" steals 10 numbers from the hundreds chart. the "detectives" have to tell you what numbers are missing.

We are playing number thief. The thief steals 10 numbers from the hundreds chart while my detective's eyes are closed. The detectives then open their eyes and find our missing numbers.

Confessions of a Kinder Teacher!: On to the Learning Train!!

good idea for number recognition and mastery for the younger ones! they can see a number drawn out and understand quantity! Great idea for morning meeting time. -- if I ever go back to elementary

math about me - all their numbers - age, weight, phone number, house number . . .

Math about me-- I did this for Back to School Night and it looked awesome in the hall! Use the pre made people from Lakesnore to make it a simple and easy beginning of the year project. Going to try this out.

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How much fun is this? "The Adding Machine" - students drop objects in the two sides and see what comes out of the machine. An easy DIY for a math center.

Magnetic number of the day. It could be stationary or mobile. Great idea!

Pinning so I remember waht I want to do with my magnetic Scrabble tiles. Math center made with oil drip pan. Think I would add money to it too. Velcro to back of shelf.

Number chains game #juniorscholars

Begin teaching NUMBER BONDS by using Use paper chains in different colours ti demonstrate. To the tune of Row Row Row your boat 9 and 1 are number bonds 8 and 2 are friends 7 and 3 6 and 4 5 and 5 are twins. Later, have them show it different ways.

I think I'll change the sign to multiplication for my 5th grade to begin our math year!

Lego Math Worksheets

Lego math worksheets - great idea to do with real legos, too! I am thinking multiplication practice too!

Yes or no morning question

SMART Graphing

A simple graphing idea - the number strips hang from a white board that can be changed for the daily question. Can also change the yes & no at the bottom when the children need more sophisticated graphs, for math wall

Free Ten Frame Posters!

Number cards featuring ten frames with different borders (free) (for games such as snap, concentration, fish etc)

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Roll the dice, find a start with that number and place that number of cubes on the star. You can even require color matching too! number sense and count build up in a pattern.

This was on a Kindergarten Blog... they still don't conceptualize in 2nd grade. This could help! Adding 20 circles to mine!

need to make these boards this year. Links to a copy of the subtraction work mat, number sentences, mat answers, and recording sheet.

Break apart numbers to make a ten to make adding easier (bridging to 10) and other great compensation worksheets and activities for first grade

First Grade Math Unit 10 Fact Fluency

Break apart numbers to make a ten to make adding easier (bridging to and other great compensation worksheets and activities for first grade