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    BEST COMMERCIAL EVER!!! :) HUMP DAY!! I really do love this commercial

    GEICO Hump Day Camel Commercial - Happier than a Camel on Wednesday

    This is the best thing ever.

    So its Hump Day and it isnt raining, does that mean its a Dry Hump Day ?

    ```Must be hump day

    You there! Yes, you Camel. Fuck off with your hump day and fetch me my Friday!

    Batshit crazy.

    Somebody please buy me this?!

    Private Island Party - WTF Button 9110, $8.50 Satisfy your curiosity with this hilarious gag gift! This awesome button will keep you laughing when things aren’t quite going your way. Press the big red button and revel in 1 of 10 different WTF zingers. You can carry it around with you all day and we’re sure you’ll find plenty of times to use it. Batteries are included.

    Cats Hoodie. I want to get a matching set for me and my sister for the next time we chillin' at the dumpster.

    hump dayyyyy

    Love that commercial


    I cannot stop laughing.


    I can TOTALLY see u doing this to Clay!! Lmao

    Guess what day it is? Makes me laugh every time.

    You leave the room for 5 sec, "Mom? MOM? MOMMY!?" Oh this is sooooo my house!!! lol


    True. So, so true.