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    • SM H

      It has taught me that people who are evil can only PLAY NICE FOR SO LONG,,,,THE EVIL BEGINS TO OOZE FROM THEIR SOUL, then realize it was there all along but you chose not to trust gut instinct because they were SO good deceiving the world and themselves that they could actually have a good bone in their body. LESSON LEARNED! I pitty them they are an evil to themselves and to be reckoned with. Learn your lesson and run far far away so the oozing doesn't get on you.... Never forget what the monsters teach you, learn and grow up and away from them.

    • Diane Pierce

      I love this and it is so true! Hard lessons learned!

    • Mallory Barnett

      so true. lots of lessons learned in my life

    • Kelly King

      favorite quote of all time

    • Susan Tuck

      So True!! Live and Learn.

    • Sandi Jannetta

      So true ~ Good advice.

    • Natalie Stewart

      Quotes, Sayings, Words

    • Jerry Toops

      Life Lessons Learned

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    Very true!