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  • Denise White

    Penny art. Maybe even separate the shades and use a simple cross stitch pattern! -dw

  • Jody Maxfield

    Penny Projects Worth Breaking the Piggy Bank For | Penny Projects: Abraham Lincoln

  • Tracee Stewart

    Abraham Lincoln in pennies. 3,111 pennies.51 wide by 61 tall. Based on an 1864 photograph of Lincoln.The Penny Mosaic Lincoln actually took a year and a half of free time to complete

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Arranging books by color.

Gemma Orkin Wild Flowers Silk Pillow Cover | west elm

My vintage Fiestaware.

Look, people are pinning pictures of my living room!

Lovin' the log stool!

So many problem solving cleaning tips!

30 Down-and-Dirty Tricks for Big Savings... from silencing that creaky floor cheaply to priming your walls with 'oops' paint.

Cooler corn...easy way to cook corn on the cobb especially for a large cooler... 2 kettles of boiling hot water poured over the corn and close. Twenty to thirty minutes later...perfectly cooked corn that stays that wayfor a couple of hours.

No-slip dishtowels - just add velcro

Interesting design

Quilt from sweaters. Must make.

Make ahead and freeze cinnamon rolls! So you don't have to get up at 4AM in order to have a nice breakfast surprise. Perfect for when you're having houseguests, or whenever. Also keps you from eating the whole batch at once!

Stenciled Old Claw Foot Bathtub

hang it up. I bought a handful of these hangers to use for this very purpose.


made from assorted vintage buttons!

Stairs with drawers

Mobile phone case

mug cosy.

Bedroom looks a lot better now. And no deadbolt is even necessary!

Our downstairs bedroom from when we first bought our house. The room had a deadbolt, which was creepy & fit the whole house vibe.

Upcycled old crocheted afgans.

I'm allergic to bananas, but would still eat these.

I need to make this soup for dinner. And Breakfast. And lunch.

Is life good?