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    Ouranosaurus ~~ "Kiss kiss fall into extinction." :: Wow, who knew this even existed?!

    Ouran High School Host Club It seems Kyoya-senpai is the only one who noticed that Nekozawa-senpai photo-bombed them :p

    Haha I love this XD Ouran High School Host Club One of the first anime's i've watched. _

    Professor Oak Teaches At Ouran Highschool

    Haruhi Fujioka - Cosplay by MONCHAN! An awesome cosplay! ♥

    The internet needs more Tamaki Suoh.| whoever did this, thank you.

    Ouran ~~~ There's a much deeper bond than anyone even imagines between Honey and Mori

    Ouran- Waffles by ~sunami56 Who doesn't love Ouran High School Host Club.... singing about waffles! :)

    Kyouya (my favorite host!!) - Ouran high school host club (an anime show my friend has me watching)