light graffiti by Michael Bosanko

Pictured: The stunning light graffiti which is created with nothing but torches and a camera

T hirty-nine-year-old photographic artist Michael Bosanko has made pictures, which have not been Photoshopped, using coloured torches at n.

"The Man with No Shadow" 2009, by Makoto Tojiki.  An object is seen when our eyes capture light that is reflected from the object. If we extract just the light that is reflected from “something,” are we still in the presence of that “something”?  Using contours of light, I try to express this “something.”

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki works primarily with light, exploring its use in…

Constellaction – Intricate emergent behaviour using autonomous building blocks

Constellaction is an installation by panGenerator which included swarm like intelligent and light responsive tetrahedrons that evolved and branched thanks to

Entre Les Rangs | Montreal | art installation

World Architecture Community News - RAIC names recipient of 2015 Emerging Architectural Practice Award

(By the luzinterruptus): A collection of glow sticks are arranged to look like grass growing under the fluorescent lights of the abnormally bright pharmacy lights.  I love how this protest used glow sticks that appear to have "grown" under the unnatural light from the sign. The artists were able to find the exact same neon color in the glow sticks as the sign.

Part of the light installation "Herbal apothecary / pharmacy herbs" from Luzinterruptus, an anonymous artistic group in Madrid

Jun Hao Ong's latest site-specific installation, The Star, traverses a four-story cement building to illuminate the 2015 Urban Xchange public art festival

Massive LED Star Lights Up Malaysia

The star – Une sculpture lumineuse par Jun Hao Ong dans le cadre du Urban…

balloons and glowsticks...they look so pretty. never would've thought of doing this!

magical light installation by British lighting designer/artist Bruce Munro. Field of Light was displayed at the Eden Project in Cornwall from November 2008 – March


Field of Light was an installation at the Eden Project in Cornwall, England by lighting designer Bruce Munro. The installation was comprised of acrylic stems with fibre optic cables that represent light flowers or seeds that "blossom" at night

Surreal Light Installations at Lyon's Festival of Lights  France (or Fête des Lumières) kicked off on December 6th bringing with it dazzling light displays by artists from around the world.

12 Most Surreal Light Installations at Lyon's Festival of Lights

Surreal Light Installations at Lyon's Festival of Lights France (or Fête des Lumières) kicked off on December bringing with it dazzling light displays by artists from around the world.

interactie licht installatie Interactieve kunst met licht

PRISMA 1666 by Harald Haraldsson. Installation by Harald Haraldsson and Super Nature Design

Amon tobin projection mapping

Amon Tobin: ISAM Live At the forefront of stage production is producer, Amon Tobin.

Tom Fruin's sculpture, Watertower in DUMBO, Brooklyn.Consists of about 1,000 scraps of plexiglass from all over New York City, ranging from old sign shops to closed-down artist studios and various warehouses.

Check out the Beautiful "stained glass" water tower sculpture by Brooklyn artist Tom Fruin. It's in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn (the Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass area.) It's made of plexiglass and steel.

These light installations by Chris Fraser use a modified camera obscura to create an astounding effect.

Brilliant Light Beam Art, Made Using The Oldest Trick In The Book

Chris Fraser Light Art - Proving that even the simplest of mediums can provoke thought, Chris Fraser’s light art is illuminating, yet mysterious.