Rebecca Chew for Esquire.

Klaps, Jo

Esquire (Malaysia)

#AtoZoë by Tommy (& Zoë) Perez

sweet pipe 3d

Hello I'm Here, all the way from the Philippines! Regram from @javiermarcalain #Padgram

Lovely Photo Collage. Perfection.

typographic hierarchy

meat handmade typography

Washington Post Mag (US)


Graphic, design, typo, typographic

Hatfield - Image and Type: the words "Art Is..." are very large, with the color block that frames the type conveniently covering the face of a piece of art, as if to imply that what they define as art is hidden behind it, creating a sense of mystery and curiosity. Client: The School of Visual Arts

On The Road by Jack Kerouac - Book cover by Mina Bach

A spicy typographic meatball. You can't beat the Caslon italic ampersand!

no tomorrow

Typographic exploration for with fashion Photography by Kalle Gustafsson.

#tipografia #typography #design #inspiration #creative

Print #design in the best fashion. Love this creation.