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Discrimination in America: Writing a Presidential Apology for Japanese Americans

If you were president, how would you apologize to Japanese Americans who suffered from overt discrimination and public embarrassment during WWII? Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, Japanese Americans were wrongly accused of being spies and subsequently discriminated against in numerous ways. Despite the extreme prejudice they encountered, Americans of Japanese descent demonstrated courage, patience, and persistence during wartime, proving their unwavering loyalty to the United States.

A Country at War: The Effort at Home to Win WWII

How did citizens and the U.S. government itself help the WWII effort from home? Undoubtedly, without the aid of devoted Americans stateside, the war effort against the Japanese and Nazis would have been disastrous. Students during this lesson will examine the significance of the home front during WWII and demonstrate their understanding of how important wartime mobilization in the United States truly was.

Reconstruction and Andrew Johnson: The Impeachment of an American President

Pearl Harbor - Webquest with Key ( World War Two (WWII)

This 6 page document contains a webquest and teachers key related to the attack on Pearl Harbor during World War Two (WWII). It contains 10 questions from the website. Your students will learn about the basic history of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during World War Two (WWII) and appreciate the importance of the attack in terms of its overall implications for World War Two (WWII)!

American Abolitionist Movement - Webquest with Key (American History)

American Abolitionist Movement - Webquest with Key (American History) - This is a 6 page webquest related to the American Abolitionist Movement in the 1800's. It is an excellent resource to help have your students understand the end of slavery in the United States and the American Abolitionist Movement. It contains 16 questions from the website, and comes with a detailed teacher key.

Contemporary American Society UNIT TEST Common Core (U.S. History)

Contemporary American Society UNIT TEST Common Core Aligned - Editable(Secondary U.S. History) This product includes a 30-question unit summative assessment test for the unit on the Contemporary American Society for secondary U.S History. It includes three sections: multiple-choice, matching (match the quote with the President), and two political cartoon analysis questions.

Presidential Diplomacies – Roosevelt, Taft & Wilson Lecture (U.S. History)

Presidential Diplomacies – Roosevelt, Taft and Wilson Lecture and Quote Analysis Activity (U.S. History) After this engaging and interactive lecture, students will be able to answer the Essential Question: How did American Presidents’ foreign policy reflect American imperialism? This creative power point presentation reviews the major ideas of Teddy Roosevelt’s Big Stick Diplomacy, William Taft's Dollar Diplomacy, and Woodrow Wilson's Moral Diplomacy.

GEORGE WASHINGTON: An IQubes Freebie Foldable by GravoisFareStudents will love learning about the exciting life of our first president during the tumultuous days of the American Revolution and responding to what they learn by creating an IQube of this complex man.

Dances With Wolves - Movie Guide, Assignment and Key (Manifest Destiny)

This 17 page movie guide for the movie Dances With Wolves contains a set of 26 questions related to the movie, a writing assignment and a detailed teachers key. The questions in the movie guide focus on the scenes that relate to the the clash of civilizations between Native Americans and American Settlers, and to what extent to movie shows the realities of impacts of the Age of Imperialism in the Americas including the idea of Manifest Destiny.