It's always fuck this shit o'clock somewhere.


it's so true, @Erin Orwig and I high-five all the time and we've been together forevahhhhh

so true!


Well, SOMEBODY put their maxi pad on tape side up today! | April Fool's Day Ecard

Free, Confession Ecard: Dad cooks a deer and doesn't tell the kids what it is. He gives one clue. It's what your mother calls me. The boy yells, it's a fucking dick, don't eat it..!!


Story of my life


Everyday...@Robin S. S. S. S. Van Herrmann LOL

I <3 sleep.

I don't have a "Honey-Do" list... I have an "I'll-Do-It-My- Fucking-Self" list! And surprise! The shit gets done!


Can I get this on a business card? | can I bum your business card and use as mine?

The funniest shit I've heard!

I strongly believe I would be a much better individual if I were constantly, slightly drunk.

Well it seems perfectly normal when you put it that way...