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    • Heather Hulsopple-Soroka

      Yesterday's drama was another form of her blame game....and then she post this .... I can't help but laugh...


      One of the best ways to teach yourself to respond and react in a more positive fashion is by you being accountable for your responses and re... #love #humor #sarcasm #funny #life #love #perspective #quotes #dryhumor #smile #laughter #joy Chic.St Sense of Humor <3

    • Whitney L. Naylor

      Lol! It's funny because it's true you blame everyone else for your mistakes and you don't hold your self accountable for your pathetic actions of getting attention but in reality the evidence is in every ones hands! lying, cheating, manipulating

    • Angela Burdette

      Lol! It's funny because it's true. whenever an asshole blames others for THEIR actions and think people cant see right thru them...that is the biggest joke of all!!! well, I should say MOST people...some bitches are just STUPID!!!!!!

    • Christy Christy

      The TRUTH is FUNNY!! Accept responsibility for your actions rather than blaming others.

    • Halie Hanscel

      Blame Funny | bright spot: Court upholds Scott Walker's anti-union law.

    • | Katherine |

      This isn't so much funny, as true. #Borderlines always blame others.

    • Stephanie Glass

      funny quotes, blame everyone but yourself

    • Shannon Beeman

      #ecards #funny MG

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    Some folks


    So funny and so true.

    I feel bad for the kids these days that see a cool toy on TV, but can't order it because their parents have to be over 18 to call.

    oh my god, I laughed so hard

    Seriously! Or did you find everything you were looking for? Actually no, come to think of it now that I've emptied my entire cart onto the belt I think I'll go do some more shopping. Please hold one moment!