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Hunger Games

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Does anyone else feel Like Suzanne Collins should have written at least one more book into the series? Because I absolutely LOVED the Hunger Games, but both Catching Fire and Mockingjay seemed rushed to me. I feel like the story could have gone more into depth and the characters could have been developed a lot better.Don't get me wrong, I love the idea and the message behind the Hunger Games story. I just feel like there could have been more.

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Hunger Games

Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games

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Hunger Games

Hunger Games

The Hunger Games.

the hunger games

If you understand this, you are a true Hunger Games fan, and I love you.

hunger games

This has got to be my favorite quote from The Hunger Games. Gotta love it.

Oh Peeta

The Hunger Games...Mockingjay, as it were.

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Hunger Games.