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  • Lyndsy Rainey
    Lyndsy Rainey • 3 years ago

    Poor thing!

  • Jenny Lee
    Jenny Lee • 3 years ago

    Sigh... Some people scream cruelty for just about anything. Omg, you tie your dog's fur out of its eye with a rubber band?? How horrible! Omg, you brush your dog's teeth? And he hates it?? You're torturing your dog! Omg, you take your dog to the groomers to get a bath, cut, blow dry and bandana? That is so wrong. Take those negative comments and direct it to dog fighters and animal neglecters/abusers.

  • Marlene Baumgardt
    Marlene Baumgardt • 3 years ago

    Omg enough people! If anyone would bother clicking the link (from Martha Stewart no less) you would find out that this is a pic sent in for a cute pet photo contest And that the owner checked and found a SAFE dye for her beloved pet. Now get over it, he's fine! (and adorable)

  • Karren La Puma
    Karren La Puma • 3 years ago

    WOW! All I said was he looks sad, nothing about being cruel to him. I do think he looks cute just not happy, which is OK.

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