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Chanel necklace Sautoir Pearls

Chanel necklace Sautoir Pearls | From a unique collection of vintage more necklaces at

12 Exercises To Get Rid of Your Mummy Tummy

Top 12 workouts and exercises to getting rid of your mommy belly fat after giving birth to your baby. Flatten your post pregnancy tummy, lose those stretch marks and get back into those tight pants you so love. Time to start feeling good taking pictures and photos again.

They make a lot of excuses why they don't like you, but their own insecurities are what it's all about.

I have been so hurt by vicious people so much, even still lately by them.... but i won't let them keep trying to make my life hell... no longer playing their childish evil games. I now have the perfect relationship with a perfect real man who treats me right, and no jealous bitch will get in the way of that. U chose to stay with cheating scum bag who uses u and ur kids, u made ur fifthly bed.... Sleep in it whore! LMFAO

Roccobarocco at Milan Fall 2013

Milan Fall 2013 - Roccobarocco ... Those earrings hovering over the collar and floral design on shoulders with stripped pants... I don't normally wear floral but I'd rock this fresh fit