She took Detergent and made it real. We love you Veronica!:)

per last pinner: She took Detergent and made it real. We love you Veronica!

Veronica Roth wearing mockingjay shirt. This happened...

Veronica Roth wearing mockingjay shirt :) idk whether to put on my divergent or hg board D:

Veronica Roth Teases ALLEGIANT & Talks DIVERGENT Filming: 2013 Comic-Con #veronicaroth #divergent #allegiant #clevver #clevvertv #comiccon

Dana Ward talked with author Veronica Roth about having her best selling book Divergent adapted for the big screen, the stunts, and what fans can expect in the next book Allegiant.

No one could even compete with Four seriously they'd lose in like two seconds ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

"Team whatever" is friggin stupid. One of the many things I love about the Divergent books is that there is no love triangle. Doesn't mean Tris and Four don't have issues, but their issues aren't another guy. Way to break the stereotype, Veronica Roth.

WATCH Veronica Roth Read the First Chapter of ALLEGIANT Now!

ALLEGIANT - Veronica Roth's midnight message to fans Okay so true story: I went to school today and told one of my teachers that this comes out today and she ordered it online for me!