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The Wit & Wisdom of The Peanuts Gang

Are you a Peanut's fan? I sure am. And, did you know that Charles Shultz based a great deal of his humor upon the Bible and the principles of the Bible? Check out this post that highlights the wit and the wisdom of Charlie Brown, Linus, Snoopy, and the gang!

INTJ Optimism. | this!!! When I stress and someone just says "don't worry, it will be alright"...provide evidence for this statement because you could just be blowing smoke up my ass. This is the proper way to help someone not worry. I need this in my life sometimes. Its not enough to just be this for others...who never appreciate it ;)

don't buy into dairy deception -- you are not a calf therefore it is not natural to drink cows milk and lactose intolerance is natures way of telling you to stop - nature knows best

Gilmore Girls. My favorite quote! "People are particularly stupid today, I can't talk to anymore of them."

Madness and brilliance always go hand in hand, because without being a little mad, you cannot be brilliant! My own words... Geez, I can be so wise sometimes. Lol

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