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YOU GUYS This song is just.... It's so... I can't even right now I can't. IT'S JUST AMAZAYN!>>>> This song made me cry bc of how touching it was

One Way Or Another Music Video! I MIGHT PASS OUT! This is the best they have ever done. Laughing the whole time. Lots of face palming too. this is the sweetest and most generous thing ever. i love them.

this made me laugh soo hard HARRY SAYS SWAGGIE *LE DEAD* and the comment about what to call your cat haha

HAPPY THURSDAY! Today's video: my favourite Niall interview EVER, he's laughing his head off and is enjoying himself. Chrssie and Jane are hysterical and if I ever become famous (not gonna happen) I would want them to interview me. :) Hope you're all ok followers xxx