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  • Kim Hensley

    Phineas and Ferb lunches for school and home- for Hannah when she used to ask me to cut her sandwich into shapes like Cooper's

  • Angelina Yalda

    MoM loves this fun lunch box packed full of health yummy fun food! x

  • Amber Cooper

    Cant believe how simple! Calvin is gonna have a fit when he sees this in his lunch box! Lunch Idea: Phineas And Ferb Theme...Phineas. (1st or Last week of school) rcseke school lunch box ideas

  • Emily Hinze

    Another sandwich idea to make lunch time fun! For more creative ideas for kids lunches LIKE US on Facebook @

  • Darcie Griffin {Mimi's Mom}

    Phineas Bento Box Lunch

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I know I'm not a kid anymore, but this still appeals to me for some reason! Ocean Lunch: Dolphin Sandwiches, Goldfish Crackers, Cucumber Starfish, Blue Jello Water with an Orange Slice Sailboat

cute ideas for kid lunches- hope I actually have time to do this sort of thing when Thomas starts school....

The girls are totally into Phineus and Ferb right now! How excited would they be to have a Candice sandwich?1? Linked are tutorials for all the characters!

Ryder would love this. I'm thinking one layer with little action figures and he would be so excited.

My mom used to leave me sandwiches with smiley faces on them when she left for work. Sometimes she'd cut my bread into an "E" for Erica.. I definitely want to do fun stuff like that too.

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seeing this when they opened their lunches would make my kids laugh so hard!