Your diaper is full-HILARIOUS


Oh Walmart. 23 funny pictures of people at walmart, hilarious. diminika welling haha michelles big ol booty More funny stuff on:


Currently sitting here, laughing to myself over this

Diapers and Mini Skirt - No Way Girl - Riding the Bus Fashion Fail ---- jokes funny pictures walmart fail humor

There are no words. Wtf

Strange Walmart Shoppers - Funny Pictures at Walmart

Where are your pants?



Funny Pictures - 56 Pics oh I'm dying with laughter!!! so cool love up

And THISSS is why leggings are NOT PANTS. Oh my gosh. I am laughing so hard right now.

Can't stop laughing

Silly cats

family fail in the back ground haha

This is what we call a bad idea. dude, it's not a slide!! I'm dying right now hahaa


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