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Making friends. This is how our world should be. What a beautiful expression of love.

Monks. Thailand Is that a play gun in a monk boy's hand? O.o that's weird..........

Children, Smiling Boys, Zimbabwe, Africa (by MeYou Vern)

Ik heb de mooiste baan ter wereld: kinderen weer kind laten zijn. Er is niets mooier dan een lachend kind.

Iwata Camera, Museum of Neon Art collection displayed at the LA County Fair 2012

There is something about these type of shots that take my breath away by Scott Stulberg

My kids better look like this!!!!! Otherwise I'm giving them away. Juuuuust kidding. But seriously....

“Adults admire their environment; they remember and think about it. But the child absorbs it. The things the child sees are not just remembered, they form part of the child’s soul.” Dr. Maria Montessori, The Absorbent Mind

♥ I would rather have a Mind opened by Wonder than one closed by Belief ♥

This is an example of a piece with texture. The grainy, spotty quality of the camera image and the smooth, sharp, linear text contrast with each other. The camera image appears rough alongside the text and smooth border.