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Good point...think about it :)

The benefits of Foam Rolling are amazing!! It manually releases loads of tension in some of the most common areas. Here's a printable to take with you to the gym to help you target these areas!

The "Anywhere" Workout, quick little workouts that can stand alone or complement a cardio workout

Sounds like a great cardio workout. Only one I'm not sure of is Mountain Climber, but I will figure it out.

No Equipment Needed Cardio Circuit - this one would be great while traveling, could do in hotel room

no gym workout Now when Indian Govt. put the GYM tax! - I lost 26 pounds from here EZLoss DOT com #products #fitness

21 songs that'll pump you up for your workout

A full bodyweight workout that combines cardio with some basic strength training. Make sure you’ve got water at the ready!

Cardio-acceleration. Fat-burning, muscle-toning fitness.

for the 60 minutes on Saturday, I may make Chris and Maddy play badminton! that junk burns calories...and is TOO fun

Plyometrics cardio: perfect hotel room workout - just pack the jump rope and a stopwatch! Repeat circuit for 20 min, take 5 min break and follow with 20 min of full-body moves (think push-ups, tricep dips, mountain climbers, reverse lunges, leg raises, prisoner full squats, planks/side planks with rotation, different crunch variations, prisoner single-leg deadlifts etc)