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Sugar is very unhealthy. it is so perfectly graphic. Stay away from Red Bulls and high sugar drinks.

get-fit-4--Inspiration. I believe this is a pic of the amount of sugar cubes per item.

set a "waterversary" of drinking 80 oz a day!

If you don't drink enough water (not soda or juice or whatever other crap people drink) Your body sends mixed signals and tells you, you're hungry. Sometimes all you have to do is drink a full glass of water and wait ten minutes. If you are still hungry then you really were hungry. The trick is to learn your body's signals.

5 Advantages of Drinking Water in the Morning #water #nutrition

Something as little as drinking enough water can have a big effect on cortisol levels, leading you weight loss, better sleep, and all sorts of other benefits.

drink water It’s not Hollywood bullshit, water is essential to flush toxins out of the body. Toxins include anything that isn’t natural: Refined, processed sugars and processed foods that sit heavy in the stomach, beer, alcohol and the likes. Coupled with exercise and sweating those toxins out, water speeds up the process of passing those toxins through the body at a faster rate rathe

$18 Water, water, water! xn--gckg0b0b8evmb... Great pic thanks!