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CKYNXjEUYAEjUeL.jpg (600×1159)

Batman cosplayer trollers - Imgur

WOW! That'a an amazing looking Huntress!!!

One of the coolest Hawkgirl cos players I've seen in a while!

New favorite saying...

It's a trap!

Man of Steel

i love unicorns and rainbows and batman it could only get better if there was bacon, One Direction or both

Dan Mora Interactive Batcave Art - Batman’s 75th anniversary

Ultron rules!

awesome Hawkeye cosplay

Holy crap! This is AMAZING!!!!! GALACTUS and the SILVER SURFER Comic Art

So much goodness here!!!! WE ALL HAVE DREAMS

Wow! Awesome Black Panther cosplay!


This has always been one of my favorite Spidey costumes for some reason...and this cosplayer kicks ass

HAHAHA! I have felt like this WAY too often!

I'll admit it...I would TOTALLY get this tattoo myself...

Rufio cosplay - BANGARANG!

Dark Link Cosplay...beyond awesome!

Faster than a speeding groom...Superman wedding cake...

Holy wow...this is amazeballs! Steampunk Wedding Cake


Whovian wedding cake. I like this one...

Holy wow...that's a pretty awesome Galactus!