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lovely color pattern

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Ravelry Rililie'S

Ravelry: Rililie's Folded from designer Veera Valimaki (also on Ravelry). Love the neckline and knitter's decision to pencil-stripe it plus the top of the shoulders.

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Ravelry: Madewell pattern by Joji Locatelli

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ravelry - greenyarnbasket

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Ravelry: Two-Color Baseball Tee pattern by Laura Bryant


lilalu's refined

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lilalu's project Refined. Lovely graduated stripes. Original pattern on Ravelry.

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Funny to find so many of my projects on pinterest... after so many months! Ravelry goes beyond ravelry!

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Susan257892 Ramirez701

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Galvanized cardigan from IKnits winter 2010 Knit Sweater #2dayslook #KnitSweater #susan257892 #ramirez701 #sasssjane

Purl on Pearl.from Purl on Pearl.

ravelry (via Pinterest)

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Louisa Harding

I've been knitting a lot of hats for the holidays, and I'm thinking of copying the striping pattern for the next one, as it would be simple, pretty, and easy to do while entertaining one's self with youtube karaoke or more interesting movies.

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Love this stripe inspiration from the saroblog. Icord bind off and lovely balance of colour

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Ravelry: Spring Lines pattern by La Maison Rililie

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Hiro: a color gradation sweater pattern by Julia Farwell-Clay; named after the main character in Neal Stephenson's novel Snow Crash

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Simple and beautiful. Simplest sweater {free pattern} Going on my list

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free pattern. Love this.

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Ravelry: revi-and-noa's layers

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Ravelry: Twigs and Willows pattern by Alana Dakos