Lean Legs Pyramid.

7 Exercises for Losing Stomach Fat Fast Start sitting upright on top of the inflatable exercise ball, feet flat on the floor, knees in line with your hips. From this position, inhale, engage your abs and lean back so that your body is behind the vertical; take care that you use your stomach muscles here and not those

Legs legs legs! Picking a day to do legs will be my most important, so combining this workout with my inner thigh workout is going to be stellar!


Get Rid of Back Fat! 10 Easy Exercises You Can Try At Home

7 Day Arm Jiggle Challenge- Because I always blank on what moves to do and forget something.

Daily workout exercise-plans.

Trainers Reveal: The Best Butt Exercises of All Time

200 ab exercises. OMG!! I get so bored with abs sometimes and often stick to the same types of exercises, this chart is great to remind me of other ways to do abs.


Best Ab Exercises

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Top 5 foods And Exercises To Get Flat Belly In Two Weeks

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Lean Legs


never seen a site like this... you click on the part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!

Lean Legs Strength Training Mini Circuit - do it x3 for a full workout!