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Would it only be that more of us are able to make that devastating climb home. Loni Anderson

Depression ~ one view ~ parts of the internal self turn inside out and attack the whole self.

When you are in a shit relationship, it will make your entire life feel like hell. The good news is that you can change that.

Depression is a painfully slow, crashing death. Mania is the other extreme, a wild roller coaster run off its tracks. www.HealthyPlace.... - #Bipolar #Mania #HealthyPlace

Bipolar disorder has a higher statistical rate of suicides than major depression or schizophrenia.... Bipolar infographic www.healthyplace....

I need to make a page like this with all the stuff that clangs around in my head sometimes.

This is what it's like to be a rapid cycling bipolar. You never know when you'll crash into a depression or spike into a mania. It's a roller coaster ride that never ends but only gets faster and scarier.

Depression - Anxiety - Bipolar Disorder This is my life. Note: Bipolar is not schizophrenia but the symptoms overlap. Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder, and bipolar disorder is a mood disorder.

"realities of depression". Excuse the language, but it explains things pretty well.

Hey Moira, I have selected this picture to help educate yourself regarding the differences of manic and depressive states of bi-polar disorder. Hopefully this will help you pin point symptoms you may have, as well as understanding and recognizing when you are in manic or depressive state.