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Delicate Hoops And Studs

the incredibly delicate circle stud paired with delicate hoops

Piercing Eyes
Septum Piercings
Septum Ring
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Percing Septum
Race Septum
Piercing Nariz
Piercing Tatoo
Septum Hoop

* my next piercing...hopefully soon #septum #piercing #nose

Double Conch Piercing
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16G Double
Gauge Double
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Double Chain

Maria Tash 16g double chain septum shorter. I loveeee these

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Septum Ring
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A lovely girl proving that piercings aren't ugly or only for a specific type of person. I love it! I have all these piercings except medusa! Really thinking of adding it now


Fashion Trends Daily - 36 Trending Outfits On The Street (S/S) 2016

Summer Evening Outfits
Summer Outfits 2016 Trends
Trending Outfits 2016
Outfit Summer 2016
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Style Summer
White Skinny Jeans Outfit Summer
White Wedges Outfit

Jean blanco y blusa de hombros descubiertos, floreada.

Tattoo Piercing
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Nostril Piercing
Mouth Piercing
Frenulum Piercing
Piercing Board
Bodyart Piercing

Nostril piercing and smiley piercing..... Kinda like the smiley (mouth piercing)

Captive Gems
Septum Captive
Piercing Medusa
Labret Piercings
Philtrum Labret
Tatts Piercings 3
Piercings Body Jewelry
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Snazy Piercings

piercing: septum with opals

Septum Bling
Septum Piercing Jewelry
Pretty Septum Piercing
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Piercing Nose Septum
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Fake Septum

This septum ring is so cute -CC

from Ways of Life

50 Ultimate Classy Outfit Ideas For This Summer

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Summer Ultimate
60 Ultimate
Camel Source
Dress Pop
Dress I'M
Midi Dress Outfit
Ball Dress
Classy Outfitideas

Off The Shoulder Midi Dress + Pop Of Camel Source