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    TpT BTS Sale & Some Funnies :)

    It's almost that time..... Back to School Sale at Teachers Pay Teachers! Time to stock up and buy your wishlist- I know mine is getting crazy-long!! This 2-day sale is Sunday & Monday only- all of my products will be 20% off! Woo hoo! And, as an added bonus, to celebrate this B2S Season, use the cod...
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    Linear Equation Matching Activity.... Use or math station instead of worksheet.

    This was the BEST review activity I have ever done! I even overheard a 7th grade boy say, "Wow, this is FUN!" That my friends, is hard to do - especially in math class when we are working on solvi...

    All-in-one slope notes page is intended to be used as a reference and reminder sheet for students to refer back to throughout a unit. Concepts can be added to the organizer as they are introduced throughout the unit. Includes space to record how to find slope from tables, points & an equation. Slope tells us about rate of change, the direction, and steepness of a graph. Relates types of lines, types of equations & types of slope. Happy solving from the miss jude math! shop

    Slope notes for an interactive notebook.

    Students create wanted posters for direct variation.

    Direct Variation This chart simplifies the idea. Then this year I was talking with another teacher who wondered why we call the rate of change "k" in a direct variation and then "m" in the next chapter for linear equations. Duh..why didn't I think of this? For a kid that is already confused with math and using letters, we shouldn't be changing up letters like that when it's really the same idea. So I nixed the k this year and just stuck with y = mx as the equation

    Direct variation foldable, page 71

    Everybody is a Genius: Solving Special Case Equations 1solution, no solution, infinite solutions

    All kinds of math will absolutely love these!

    Terrific stations for slope and linear equations

    Linear Equations: Water Park Project (reviews slope, solving equations, distance formula). will i have time?

    Fun competitive board! Use the playbooks each week leading up to the game. If the winning team also wins the Superbowl, prize is doubled. If the other team doesn't win the game but wins the Superbowl, every one can be a winner :-)

    Live. Teach. Create. | It’s Already October?

    two methods for solving a problem. the next page has them use each method to actually solve the problem.

    How to solve an equation graphic organizer for interactive notebooks or classroom poster from the miss jude math! TPT shop

    Solving Equations Foldable... a little wordy but I like the format and the wording of the steps.

    Activities: Algebra Tic-Tac-Toe...Pretty neat for solving equations or inequalities!

    Good group activities for practicing one, two, and multiple step equations

    Math = Love: solving equations flowchart foldable from In Stillness the Dancing instillnessthedan...

    Great idea!

    This is a link to print out warning Cards. This gives students time to reflect on their behavior and cool down before discussing it with the teacher. @Emmeretta Russey

    Within the story are situations in which the reader must solve real - world problems using linear equations. All student work is done directly in the book. Students make choices and head to the page that they are directed to.

    Slope sort. This activity helps students identify slope when it is presented in different ways. Students work in pairs to cut, sort then paste different representations of slope (tables, graphs, equations, coordinate pairs and triangles) into 6 categories: slope 0 through slope 4 and undefined slope.

    Teaching Slope: Mr Slope Guy