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If mankind can end hunger in 8 days . Let's do it! Or do we not care either? Let's show them we care and suspend the war for 8 days and see if it ends world hunger!

this looks like fun

heirloom Easter eggs

tulle flowers

Chasing Paper Dreams: Tulle Flowers Tutorial_great tutorial, and an adorable product!

If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. Simple as that. Usually I'm nice to those who are not very nice or else I just walk away.

The Republican Jesus would denounce the real Jesus as a dangerous liberal.  Just the other day, Sarah Palin said that she was unsure of the new Pope.  She said that he seemed "kinda liberal".  Little does she know that those previous Popes, who hoarded wealth and power like Republicans, have nothing to do with the teachings of Christ.

Let's be honest. If Jesus had been born 30 years ago, Fox News & the Republican party would label him a dangerous Middle Eastern man who wants to impose socialism on the world & enable the poor. And you would believe them .

hmmmm i believe it's more like george orwell's animal farm and the animals will transform into that true forms....humans! the worst kind of animal

Wake up, people! We seem to be headed ever more strongly in this direction . a Nation of Sheep / Ruled by Wolves / Owned by Pigs!


We all got money, time, or character so let's go feed them!They got money for wars but can't feed the poor - Tupac Shakur, poet

5 dollar bill folded shows twin towers, 10 shows planes collide, 20 shows buildings falling, 50 shows cloud of smoke, 100 shows new beginning, and all are folded in the shape of an airplane. So weird

Five dollar bill shows the twin towers.Ten dollar bill shows after the planes collided.Twenty dollar bill shows the building collapsing.Fifty dollar bill shows the dust and smoke.One hundred dollar bill shows a new beginning…CREEPY

If all the soldiers in all the armies in all the world put down their weapons and picked up tools and started building sustainable/carbon zero housing for all the people of the world, our problems would be over and real life for all people would begin.