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    • Ashley Nolen

      Skinny fat vs skinny fit. I have to remember this when I'm mad that the number on the scale didn't go down this week.

    • Amber Byrd

      Skinny fat vs skinny fit. A reminder that a lower weight does NOT mean better looking! And this is for every one that tells me I don't need to work out a lot or eat healthy cuz I'm skinny well I want to be fit

    • Barb Raymond

      Don’t Set a Bodyweight Goal – Setting a weight goal is bad for three reasons.  The first reason is that weight is just a number, how you look and feel is effected by your health and body composition.  People need to get out of the weight loss mode and into the fat loss mode.  Strong is the new sexy, and muscle is a strong fat burning machine.  The second reason is  focusing on just the destination is like taking your eyes off the ball.  No one ever made a million dollars by checking their bank account every day.  They earned it by working hard on the day to day things that breed success.  You should be focusing on your daily meals, workouts, and supplements.  The little things are what makes the big things possible, not the other way around.  The third reason, is weight is a bad measure of success.  It fluctuates, and often times is more a stressor than anything.  Never way yourself unless it’s with a accurate body fat test that will let you know exactly how your progressing with your body composition goals

    • Sam Todd

      Skinny fat vs skinny fit. A reminder that a lower weight is not the goal! Muscle weighs more than fat.// gotta remember this. I was 111 before working out a lot and now I can't budge from 116. Hopefully I've just gained muscle. I certainly look like I have.

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