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Living Planter Chandelier Combines Lighting with Cacti

green, water plants

green, water plants

This is "38" series chandelier from Bocci, a design hybrid which combines my love for craft, lighting and terrariums. I fell in love with Bocci lighting many years ago with the "14" series because of my love of water. The canadian co-operative puts on the market beautiful, emotionally charged, products at the peak of contemporary design.

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Unique Air Plant Vessels — Etsy Roundup

As much as I love having greenery in my home, I am probably the most notorious plant assassin in Chicago. I can barely keep succulents alive. But after hearing so much about the simplicity of air plants, I'm ready to give them a try. Because they don't need soil, the display options are nearly endless, so of course I hit Etsy for some inspiration.

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Quirky ceramics for your planties

Quirky ceramics for your planties via @compai

jorge luis butterfly chair, steel, electromagnetic paint and agave plants

MYX (Jonas Edvard, 2013): a lamps that consist of plant fibre and mushroom-mycelium.

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Vertical Gardening Inspiration

great use of space --> vertical gardening ideas with wooden fence #diy #garden

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Paulownia Wood Urn

Hand carved Paulownia Wood measures 11-3/4" round by 9-1/2" high. Holds…