Don't let limited space deter you from gardening. Thanks to @TreeHugger for this great article about Hydroponic gardens!

How to grow a pineapple


Please Share This Page: 20,000 lbs Of Fish + 70,000 Vegetables From 1/4 Acre!!Photo – The development of the aquaponic farming system has been going on for over 40 years and is a super-efficient way to produce large amounts of home grown food by combining fish farming with hydroponic agriculture for up to ten [...]

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Please Share This Page: Homemade A-Frame Hydroponic SystemPhoto – This video shows a very slick hydroponics system that will allow you to grow more plants in a smaller space without the need for any soil! A set-up like this can give plants more light and help them to protect them from some pests and [...]

DIY Hydroponic Garden Tower - The ULTIMATE hydroponic system growing ove...

Build an cool Aquaponic system in your house or apartment that will produce organic plants! It's cheap & super easy! The system requires…

strawberry tower instructions. 50 plants in a 36 inch square. five progressively larger squares stacked and filled with dirt.


Home-made Hydroponics

Never run out of fresh herbs and vegetables, no matter what climate you live in. With a bit of creativity, and a few pots, you can make it through the winter with ease! Check out our Guide on how to grow veggies and herbs year round indoors.

Hydroponic Garden :-) No weeding!

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Aquaponics. Fish create nutrients which is sent to the plants and the plants in turn create cleaner aerated water. All in one.

vertical hydroponic farming - growing romaine without soil, manure or chemicals and using a fraction of the space

The U-Gro Hydroponic Garden System to allow you to grow your own veggies, strawberries, herbs, and flowers in a very small space. It is great for growing bush beans, basil, swiss chard, spinach, leafy greens and other plants.

Omega Hydroponic Garden Gets Five Times As Much Food Per Watt : TreeHugger

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