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How to Care for Italian Cypress Trees | eHow.com

JANUARY: Fruit tree maintenance (spray and prune deciduous; fertilize evergreens; move Figs; add bareroot apples & pears; add Fuerte avocados and lemons)

How to germinate lemon seeds to grow your own lemon tree from a store bought lemon.

Wisteria: How to Plant, Grow, and Care for Wisteria. Vining wisteria. One of my fav's.

How to plant low cost, low upkeep ‘forever flowering flowerbeds’ | Funky Junk Interiors

Knockout roses - planting and care

Hydrangeas-good info on growing them.

9 Fastest growing trees

How To Train A Butterfly Bush Into A Tree

How to care for Knockout Roses: Plant them properly in well-drained, rich soil; Water them amply (at their base, never the leaves); Provide them with adequate sun (min 6 hours of morning sun); Prune them once a year (start of growing season); Fertilize them a bit. I follow these tips, and my Knockout Roses are over 10 feet tall! -Ali C.

When/how to prune trees

Love the lights inside the plants/trees! This would look so cool in the backyard behind the seating surrounding the firepit!

Decorate the inside of your fence with hanging baskets. Cute idea. Instead of planting trees etc to fill up empty space by the fence, just hang flowers. Cheaper!

the "grout" is a plant called baby tears...

Beginner's Guide to Crepe Myrtles ~ @Kathryn Jones Living gives great information on how to Select ~ Plant & Care for this loveliest of southern flowering trees.

The Art of Pruning Fruit Trees. I so totally need this for the apple tree in the backyard!!! I think I will also use a peach pit from the PA peaches my aunt gave me and see if I can't get a peach tree to yield in a few years!!! Great tips on ALL of the fruits pretty much!!!

Limelight Hydrangea Tree. This Hydrangea Tree grows up to 6-8 ft. tall & 4-5 ft wide. They bloom in early summer & have long-lasting flowers that turn to pale & blushing pink in autumn. Carefree, durable & resistant to both pests & diseases. Zones 3-8. Drought tolerant once established. Adapts to most soil types!

How to take care of and grow butterfly bush

A fine wire around the tree is what this clematis climbs on.

These Gardenia Trees are a great addition to any patio- they fill up your yard with a sweet fragrance, but require minimal maintenance! #BrighterBlooms