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Every St. Patrick's Eve, the kiddos make a Leprechaun Trap. We use a piece of my jewelry as 'bait.' In the morning, the trap has been tripped and there inside the box is my jewelry and chocolate coins or gold nugget bubble gum. It's a fun tradition!

Leprechaun cute!! Think I'm gonna do this...and leave a trail of 4 leaf clovers that lead to a pot of gold coins!!

Here is a cute example of a pattern that you could use to create an extra large leprechaun centerpiece for a St. Patrick's Day bulletin board display.

Each year the pesky leprechauns cause havoc in our house! This year we are Setting a Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick's Day! Have you set leprechaun traps with your kids?

Leprechaun Trap...for those who have a leprechaun problem. #St.Patrick'sDay

Take a look at this cool mom and all she set up for her kiddos ... but don't show your kids (or mine) so they stay happy with simple green cupcakes! ;-)

St. Patrick's Day leprechaun mischief ideas.