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We have a purple mix quilt - I'm thinking of painting the walls the light yellow - matching this pallet

I love the palette :)) Muted Feathers Boutonnière Color Pallette by Digirrl

Bloom tones: Wonderful, wonderful palette of mauve, dusty maroon, pale pink, mushroom, and dark cream. Nice for a feminine bedroom and bath.

minty tints - i love a monochromatic color scheme. if you can't beat the mint, just join it. could be soothing with a deeper tint to ground it and some nice cool gray.

Need more Pinks but this is the Color Palette and some Gold with Silver (yes both)

? Does anyone know the software that is used to generate the color pallet and display w/ the picture??? I WANT IT!

nice colors for the office/studio to keep the creativity flowing!

Dark Greens • Assists blood circulation and helps concentration.  • Think of the ‘green room’ used by an actor prior to a performance. Pale Greens • Very soothing with anti-stress qualities.  • Promotes an even and steady heart rhythm and harmony.

street tones - design seeds - love this color scheme palette - I need to use this in my home decor somewhere!

Replace the terra cotta with a light olive, and this would be perfect with my living room furniture.