What kid wouldn't love this

Knee Hockey: Not every knee hockey "rink" has to be this elaborate. It could just be a carpeted basement floor, or for youth teams on a road trip, a hotel hallway. Either way, prepare for endless hours of fun and rug burns.

A Sunken Trampoline | 32 Outrageously Fun Things You’ll Want In Your Backyard This Summer

inflatable double slip and slide with pool! The adults would have more fun on this than the kids!

Giant Connect 4- awesome!!!

The Human Bowling Ball!!!!! This is AWESOME!

Because every child needs a working mini forklift!

The Backyard Version of Beer Pong <---- Needs to happen this summer!

For a backyard movie night, you can project a film onto any light-colored background. Or, create your own screen with a few basic supplies.

The Adult Version of a Kiddie Pool | 32 Outrageously Fun Things You'll Want In Your Backyard This Summer

This is AWESOME!

After seeing this, my summer was a waste of time…

Homemade ball pit fun!

Once the blob is sealed, add a little water on top for the kids to splash on and let the fun begin!

slide on hill... that would be so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Inflatable Beer Pong Table... This would be adult summer fun!

Une piste de bowling en plein air

Bubble Snakes--all you need is a water bottle, old sock, tape and dish soap. How fun!

Bean Bag Toss Drill a couple of different sized plastic buckets to a board, and have fun seeing who can get the most bean bags in (or rings, rocks, balls, etc.). Keep score by assigning the buckets with different points based on their size. This could keep the kids entertained for hours!