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  • Aly Adams

    SHE SPEAKS THE TRUTH: Dear Pinterest, As much as I'd like a chandelier in my bedroom - you can't take my ceiling fan away from me. Love, The South.

  • Rebecca May

    SO true. Ceiling fans are a necessity down here in the south!

  • Lee Sumny

    Absolute truth. Texas ceiling fans in ALL THE ROOMS!

  • Elizabeth Reeves

    ohh southern charms

  • Jennifer Madden

    Life as a Southern Belle!!!

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The third one is sooooo true. I always keep it on low or medium because If it is on high it sounds like it is gonna fly off

someone solved that problem :)

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Attack of the ceiling fans!

Oh my gosh! I'm not alone! People think I'm crazy if I ever mention this! (And not just tiles, but textured walls, carpet, etc.)

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