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Wondering if I can get my pre teen son to participate..hoping it might keep the lines of communication there. via mamajennblogs.com

Mommy and Me journal. Write letters back and forth, leave under pillows. very sweet idea and love the Momemento it would give you years down the road I did this with my mom and it is such a special keepsake! My mom and I did this!

Just Between Us: Using a Mother-Daughter Journal To Talk With Your Tween "We are absolutely loving these journal prompts". #Parenting #Communication #Journaling

Using a Journal To Talk With Your Tween

" when your child starts kindergarten and at the end of each school year you sneak the book into the teacher and have them write a note in it and sign their name.

This would make a great shower gift with idea attached. Secretly have every teacher (from k to senior year.or just the high school years) sign this book, and give to your child as a surprise on their graduation.

What Elementary Age Boys Need Most from Their Parents. - Monica Swanson

What Elementary Age Boys Need Most from Their Parents.

If you write a letter to a character at Disney (Walt Disney World Communications, P.O. Box 10040 Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830-0040), they will send you an autographed photo back.

Must remember: if you write a letter to a character at Disney. Walt Disney World Communications PO Box 10040 Lake Buena Vista, FL . They will send you an autographed photo back! Could be a fun project for teaching how to write a letter!

Love this lunchbox cupboard that Bridgette did - featured on OMF

Lunchbox cupboard: The kids pack their lunches--Pick one from each drawer (fruit, granola bars, snacks, desserts, drinks) The parent chooses what goes in the drawers but the child learns to make their own choice of what to eat.--Love this idea!

This is a series of Bible lesson designed to help younger children understand the character and nature of God. Each simple lesson in the unit is targeted for children age 18-24 months. Click the li...

Toddlers knowing god bible lesson plan index - age appropriate stories activities and coloring pages designed to help teach very young children and babies the foundations of Faith in Jesus and our Heavenly Father. Introducing Christian faith and values

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Birthday Interview FREE PRINTABLE this would be great to go with the letters I write each year for the kids 💗

20 Mommy-Daughter Dates - a nice little checklist of ideas to put in the mommy-daughter jar.

20 Mommy-Daughter Dates

20 Mommy-Daughter Date Ideas. My daughter and I have and still do several of these. The ones we haven't done are now on the top of our to do list! These are awesome ideas! A must do for all moms and daughters.

Le sous-texte de la frustration de l'enfant, selon son tempérament. Louis correspond à la colonne jaune et c'est tout à fait vrai: il fait des mauvais coups quand il en a marre de jouer seul.

How to raise a happy, successful, cooperative child. It looks like my son is a mix of The Fun-Loving Child and The Determined Child.