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  • Patsie W.

    I had George Harrison's poster in my bedroom as a teenager

  • Rose Hope

    The Beatles by Richard Avedon. Reminisce of Andy Warhol.

  • Marisa Biscardi

    The Beatles - Across The Universe cover by MarisaBiscardi on SoundCloud #thebeatles #paulmccartney #ringo #music #acrosstheuniverse #cover #acoustic #psychedelic

  • Danielle Martinez

    The Beatles by Richard Avedon you can find the other two Avedon Beatle Portraits on my The Beatles & Beatle Art board. Check out Mofo's Portraits too!

  • Victor Leuman

    #TheBeatles #richardavedon

  • Terrie True

    Richard Avedon's psychedelic portraits of the Beatles. The Beatles were photographed by Richard Avedon on 08/11/1967. The shoot took place at a photographic studio in a penthouse in Thompson House, 200 Gray’s Inn Road, London. The American photographer took a number of shots of the group, four of which were later adorned with psychedelic effects. They were first published in the 9 January 1968 edition of the US magazine Look, and were subsequently sold as posters.

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hands of love and touching one's heart and hand...hamsa...hands of being and living love...hands of encircling who we are...who we really came here to be...hands loving another...TWA

The Beatles - Her Majesty - 1969 Album = Abbey Road Song Lyrics

The Beatles "One day i'll look to see you've gone, but tomorrow may rain so i'll follow the sun".

Remember that in 1968, John and Ringo were 28 and George and Paul were 26. How did they manage to seem so old?

The Beatles on Help Movie set 1965. I always wanted a mixture of all their rooms...the piano from Paul's room, the sunken bed from John's room, the grass floor from George's room, and the vending machines from Ringo's room :)

Hey Jude... ♫♪. I'm loving the idea of framing some of my favorite song lyrics

the Beatles♥ this is absolutely beautiful

Back when they were young and new. I always prefer The Beatles older works. Devoid of all deep and complex subtext and hidden meaning, they just said what the felt. When they were just having fun.

Yeah yeah yeah... she obviously can't play.. they obviously don't care.... (a left handed Hofner, no less).

Beatles poster by papersparrow, via Flickr