Michael Schoeffling comes very close to my idea for the lead male character, Jake. Yes, he was acting years ago, but a face like that doesn't leave your memory very quickly! :)

Emma Stone. So close to how I've pictured the lead female character, Vivvi!

As a seamstress, this could have been Vivvi's sewing machine.

Jimmy Fallon

Cary Grant

A young Kiefer Sutherland would be perfect for one of the lowlife brothers who make life difficult for Vivvi.

James Franco

Jon Hamm

Love this ad that brings books and the time period of my latest together!

Couldn't help but picture the amazing Hatte McDaniel as Rhetta, the woman who practically raised Vivvi and is still her greatest support.

Ryan Lochte (:

You'll just have to read her story to find out how a pattern book brings Vivvi joy.

Reminds me of the railroad tracks behind Vivvi's house.

It's a place much like this where we first get to know Vivvi.

Example of a WWII telegram sent to relatives of a deceased soldier. Vivvi receives one of these for her husband before I begin to tell her story.