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Nothing beats Asian food! emm wait, nothing beats food .. LOL

Ramen in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, Japan | by theochou on Flickr

One of the best things about Los Angeles and the food here is the abundence of Asian food. From Thai Town and Korea Town to Little Tokyo and multiple China Towns, there are plenty of options for getting homestyle and... from Oh Joy!

Miso Ramen recipe - If you want something lighter, this bowl of homemade spicy miso ramen will come to your rescue! It's almost like the one I get at my favorite ramen joint Santouka. #japanese #30minutemeals #eatinglight

See what I mean mmm I believe this is RAMEN

Ways to make the most of your instant ramen meal. I already do some of these, but fresh inspiration never hurts!

Ramen Only a picture but a great presentation, shows off your delicious bowl of goodness.

I'm fond of eating ramen most of the times because every time I do so, I feel like I'm Naruto. #hephep