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    Farrah Fawcett - 1976. Charlie's Angels - great TV series - pure escapism along with Hart to Hart, Fantasy Island etc.

    1976 - I remember listening to Donna Summer on Radio Caroline.

    They're boxy but good!

    Loved watching this after school.

    The long, hot summer of 1976 - never seen since!

    Transistor Radio...Listening to test cricket commentary

    Avro Vulcan delta wing subsonic jet bomber getting airbourne.



    Hartbeat and VisionOn with Tony Hart and Morph. Brilliant. What was the music to the Gallery called?

    Animal Magic with Johnny Morris. Totally Unique - one of a kind. He invented the voice over / talking animals genre surely?

    Tales of the riverbank - sash Hammy Hamster!

    Pogles Wood. My favorite "watch with mother" programme

    Blast from the past! The Acorn Electron was a budget version of the BBC Micro educational/home computer made by Acorn Computers Ltd. It had 32 kilobytes of RAM, and its ROM includes BBC BASIC along with its operating system.

    The original IBM PC, the 5150 - when micro computing became serious and IBM blew it by believing the operating system was unimportant and bought MS - DOS off Bill Gates. Changed the future of computing - MS - DOS still seems to be alive and kicking!

    iPhone4 vs. IBM PC

    Osborne Personal Business Computer. We called these a "luggable" - no way could you swing it like that when walking along - it would have dislocated your shoulder!

    early Apple Mac

    "What if Apple never changed? What if Jobs and company decided that they’d gotten it right--really, really right--with the classic Mac OS? What if every product thereafter would be iterative of its graphic design, with every title bar still rendered in Chicago bitmap font? iOS 86, by designer Anton Repponen, is a conceptual mashup of iOS and the Mac OS of yore."

    Apple Lisa - sat in the corner - we had no idea what idea what to do with it! What was that weird input device for? Way ahead of it's time!

    Old ad for the Apple II - I used to sell these back in the dst.

    Rabone chesterman Tape Measure - reminds me of PE for some reason

    Golf Ball typewriter (IBM Selectric)

    Alias Smith and Jones - Monday night BBC2 - great programme