James Dean

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James Dean and Marilyn Monroe

Paul Newman

Bromance. James Dean gives Sal Mineo a peck on the cheek.

James Dean channeling Brando on his Tiger Triumph. #nbd Proof that smoking is cool? Proof that smoking is cool.

James Dean hogtied Elizabeth Taylor on the set of "Giant."

Josh Brolin Born Josh James Brolin February 12, 1968 (age 44) California, U.S. Occupation Actor, stock trader Years active 1985–present Spouse Alice Adair (1988–1992; divorced) Diane Lane (2004–present) Parents James Brolin Jane Cameron Agee

James dean last photo When dream merged with life into the burning scintilla of a dynamite and it goes like bam bam bam, others stand woah, there can never be anything more perfect, as much as I can think of. Dream is made eternal by ephemeral life, and that's the beauty of James Dean.

James Dean with cattle – Magnum Photos

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James Dean. Holy. Hot. - wow right @Hannah Ownley @Amy Diane???

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James Dean

james dean

James Dean

Ryan Reynolds

James Dean, the original "Little Bastard" for which his Porsche 550 Spyder was named. Died: September 30, 1955. ☀

Clint Eastwood