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  • Emily Grantham

    The Holocaust is an important part of history to me because it was the time that Adolf Hitler forced Jews into Concentration Camps during WW2 where they were slowly killed because of their Jewish Faith.

  • Direct Furniture

    World War II Concentration Camp photo of little children. The emotion captured in this tone on tone picture has enough color in it to convey the desperation and fear that they must have felt. Great Picture...

  • Alison Coleman

    MAY WE NEVER FORGET Jewish children in Auschwitz

  • Raquel Sá

    Auschwitz_ not being human.

  • Laura Bernardi

    The historical aspect is the Holocaust concentration camp and the persecution of Jews...the horror that children, mothers, and father had to go through was unspeakable. An estimated million children died. Sarah's Key is a story about the Jewish girl who is sent to a camp and struggles to survive.

  • Melissa Harrison

    The Holocaust was a period of genocide. The Bosnian war was a period of ethnic cleansing. Have students come up with similarities and differences among the two events. Set aside library time, so students can use books as well as the computer lab to access information.

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Children's shoes from Auschwitz. It's a terrible reality, but it happened. I want to open my eyes a lil, visit, and take it all in. I think understanding what all of those poor people endured is as close to holding those poor people's hands while they went through what they did. The least I can do is understand it.

the children of Auschwitz

The freed children from the Auschwitz concentration camp.

de kinderen van het concentratiekamp Auschwitz

between the barbed wire fence of the camp at auschwitz ...

Block 5. Clothes and a toy which belonged to childred deported to Auschwitz.

Amy Yolande Horowitz: Born on June 2, 1933 in Strasbourg. Last lived at 21, rue Rode, Bordeaux. Interned in the Lalande camp near Tours and then transferred to Drancy. From there, she, her mother Frieda, and her sister Paulette, age 7, were deported on Sept. 11, 1942 on Convoy 31. Their destination: Auschwitz-Birkenau

jewish prayer shawls which belonged to people deported to auschwitz ...

A memory stone dedicated to the women and children who died in Auschwitz

Portraits of some child inmates of Auschwitz...looks like some of them have a triangle next to their name (possibly a purple triangle?) identifying them as Jehovah's Witnesses?!

Auschwitz II-Birkenau 1944. Hungarian Jewish women selected as able bodied at the BIIc sector of the camp. B&W original and colour interpretation by