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Glee Movie Spoilers

Hey Gleeks! Are you all excited that regardless of which cities Glee is touring this summer, you still get a slice of the Glee action on the big screen? Here's what we know about the movie so far! It'll be in theatres for two weeks from August 12-25 BUT if it does well, they might extend the screen ...

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Kurt Hummel, Rachel berry, Artie abrumes, Tina Cohen Chang, Mercedes jones, Finn Hudson

Extreme Selfie!!!!! Amazing to have so many faces back. And even more!!!!

OMG, someone throw a slushy at this kid!

... if Draco spent all his time hitting on Ginny, which happens in most of the fan fiction I read.

Glee cast with glasses

If I don't get Slushied before I die I am going to feel like such a bad Gleek. Then again I'm pretty sure lots of people wanna throw ice at my face...

Glee Cast Season 6 Darin Criss is wearing a Michigan shirt!!!

the klaine fandom and kurt think alike

Love Emma Pillsbury's style on GLEE. Check out:

I could pin this on so many different boards ... but I'll this one. :)

REPIN if the glee cast has made you stronger!!!!