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I wanna learn how to make this.

Etsyfrom Etsy

Round Dandelion Seed Necklace Dandelion Necklace Glass Locket Terrarium Necklace

Necklace Oooooh

Wish Necklace

Necklace Amazing

Necklace Glass

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Round Dandelion Seed Necklace Dandelion Necklace Glass Locket. $30.00, via Etsy. If you know me I am OBSESSED with dandelions and adore this necklace <3

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$17.00. It's back, it's back it's back!! Love! BEACH JEWELRY by MimiJewels on Etsy,

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HotMixColdfrom HotMixCold

Long Gemstone Chain Real Leaf Necklace

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Long Gemstone Chain Real Aspen Leaf Necklace in Sterling Silver or Gold filled, can be changed to Cotton Wood Leaf. Personalized with your gemstone or birthstone or Swarovski crystal, a great delicate

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Love this

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Supermarket - Nested Heart Ring in Sterling Silver from Rachel Pfeffer Designs

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Magnolia Metal


'love you more' necklace

Af House

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Infinity Necklace Heart Silver Necklace by MenuetDesigns on Etsy, $31.50........ LOVE!!!!!

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Necklace that I really want... i love you to the moon and back

Etsyfrom Etsy

Sterling Silver Custom Double Thumbprints Heart Necklace or Charm, Handcrafted Fingerprint Jewelry

Fingerprint Heart

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Fingerprint Wedding

Salt Dough

Thumbprint Heart

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yours and your love's thumb-prints on a heart pendant <3

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Etsyfrom Etsy

The Golden Snitch

Necklace Harrypotter

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golden snitch. I'm not even a die hard HP fan but I would totally wear this.


Chemical Necklace…

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Oooh my

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Tom Shoes foundation is the most amazing, loving idea I've ever seen/heard. Everyone should have a pair!

Etsyfrom Etsy

Real dandelion ring , dandelion seed jewelry , good luck ring , dandelion wish , mini terrarium jewellery, botanical jewelry, make a wish #3

Dandelion Fluff

Jewelry Dandelion

Dandelion Seeds

Dandelion Wishes

Dandilion Jewelry

Dandelion Clocks

Dandelion Resin

Fluff Ring

Seeds Ring

Dandelion Ring <3


Necklace Jewelmint

Jewelmint Loves

Stars And Moon

Sun And Stars

Star Necklace

Necklace 149

Necklace Barbara

Necklace Reverse

Moon & Star necklace which caught my eye. Great Valentine's Day gift for that special daughter (like mine) We always say we love each other to the stars and moon and back .)

Octopus Necklace

Octopus Jewelry

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